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Who is Klara? Well, I’m from Stockholm, Sweden. A writer, and formerly a musician, who loves everything from girly stuff like shoes, make up and cute little fluffy animals, to anything that gives an adrenaline rush; adventures or heavy weight lifting. Unfortunatley, I can’t do a lot of those things any longer due to a rare disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. There’s no cure.

The title of my blog is “Angry Klara”, but i’m not really that angry if you ask me. Quite funny, though. It’s most how others percieve me, because I always say what I think. A lot of times, people seem to confuse it and mix it up with personal criticism or anger. The pain makes me a little short in tone sometimes, or unnecessarily direct, when I can’t be bothered to keep up a normal facade. And that doesn’t exactly make things better…

If you wish to read my blog, click “Arga Klara” in heading, there’s a google translate widget in the sidebar. It doesn’t translate the grammar very well, but you will get a general idea of what it’s about! I hope that you read with tongue in cheek, because it might seem like I’m a bitter old hag if you don’t understand that I do enjoy and write with a lot of irony and sarcasm.

If you ever need a Swedish or English writer for anything, or wish to advertise here, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Thank you.

Arga Klara i 20-talskläder

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    • Kenapril 24, 2013 kl. 20:17

    Wishing all goes well and recovery is quick !! 🙂

      • Klaraapril 24, 2013 kl. 20:21

      Hi Ken! Thanks so much, hope to be back home in a few days!

  1. Thanks Klara for hitleap 🙂

      • Klaraoktober 21, 2013 kl. 17:32

      Hi Marcel, glad you like it and thanks for joining!

    • Jerokiah Darrnovember 9, 2014 kl. 15:22

    Hej Klara,

    inspirerande blogg. Stanna positiv, du har en stor potential. 🙂


      • Klaranovember 9, 2014 kl. 15:28

      Thanks so much Jerokiah! Btw, your Swedish is great! 🙂

  2. Hello Klara my heart goes out to you, I have a dear friend and she has EDS as well. I know exactly what you have to endure from day to day. My friend and I are very close she is like a sister to me and I have researched and learned a lot about EDS. Shame most doctors at least the ones here in the USA have that much knowledge of this condition and it is very complicated to diagnose. I was unaware you had EDS until I read it here in your blog and you will always be included in my nightly prayers as well as the ones I make for my other friend.


      • Klaradecember 15, 2014 kl. 10:21

      Hi Jeff! Yes, here as well, doctors have no clue what to do and most don’t realize the width of symtoms that it can cause – and they all vary from person to person so it’s really hard to get any sort of help at all. I keep busy online to have something to do and be social to distract from it as much as possible. 🙂 Thank you so much, that means a lot to me!

    • Chungjuli 9, 2015 kl. 04:12


      • Klarajuli 9, 2015 kl. 10:01

      Hej Chung, nice to see your footprint here too! 🙂

    • Kengfong Wanmars 21, 2016 kl. 05:32

    Hi Klara, remember the newbie that serenade on chat.i really understand your condition very well. It is just a suggestion try taking up meditation, chinese taiji or yoga. These exercises calm your body system and improve your immune systems. I am 75 yrs old I practice chinese gigong that keeps me going.
    What we need is to control our body with our mind.

    Wish you will be getting better and better every day.

    Your activities with networks show you are a person with strong character and nerves. You should get a very much better life.

    Bless you.

    Kengfong Wan

      • Klaramars 21, 2016 kl. 08:42

      Of course I do, hi Keng! 🙂 I do something called mediyoga daily (normal versions of yoga is too damaging for my joints since there is both stretching and static training) and it’s nice. I do hope technology develops a way to change my damaged DNA eventually though since there is no cure, they need a doctor Klara. 🙂 Good to see you here Keng, hope you are well!

    • Danielaapril 3, 2016 kl. 08:01

    Who is Klara?Good question!Or who i am?I am very sure that not even you don’t know all the time who you are.Like all the others peoples.We need an entire life to learn a lot of things about us and about the word and still someday we will die unlearned!All the peoples have all kind of problems,the difference between us is just the way we put ourself in front of problems.The first thing we should do is to be prepared for EVERYTHING in life.I know that you wondered yourself many time WHY that It happened to you?Believe me not just you ask that!All of humans been ask themself why the bad things hapend in their life!My life,your live ,everybody’s life is full of options….Shit things hapend in the life of all…….is important how we GO ON!!!!!!Just good thoughts from me !

      • Klaraapril 3, 2016 kl. 09:11

      I never really had those thoughts, I was born this way and I always had to make the best of it. I don’t know what a pain free life is, so I can’t compare. 🙂

    • Andre Kishaugusti 12, 2016 kl. 07:12

    Hiya, Klara – ain’t it a bugger when ya got something hurts all the time and keeps stopping you in ya tracks? Especially when you are stuck with it until some clever clogs discovers the cure.

    There are about to be some amazing new medical breakthroughs in the next few years now humans have worked out that the goo in every cell is in fact a genome and carries ENCODED information with amazing data storage/retrieval systems and the whole program works at the same time.

    There has never been ANY coded system that did not need intelligence or a mind to create it and DNA is not an exception which means….we are created and we are all gonna be mended so look on the bright side….the implications are massive across science and religions but all codes can be decoded as we are now doing with DNA/RNA so the future looks good, eventually.

    My mate, Bert, who is both dead and insane says ‘Ouch’ on your behalf if it helps. You’ll be meeting Bert very soon at Hungry For HATS ‘coz Bert can’t spell Hits.

    Catch ya soon and best wishes…I bet you’ve learned and used a lots of swear words over the years, eh?

      • Klaraaugusti 13, 2016 kl. 15:10

      Sure is, hopefully medical research reaches far enough within my lifetime so that I can enjoy more things in life eventually. 🙂 Thank you, and thank Bert for me! Oh, so many swear words…

    • Jordan E.oktober 18, 2016 kl. 13:16

    Klara I am an american in Uppsala oddly enough in the very very same situation as you in many aspects I would like to get in touch. This country is Screwed up! I tell my friends home YOU DO NOT WANT A SOCIALIST OR SOCIALISED MEDICAL SYSTEM! They say but your medical is taken care of you get a check every month… oh how little do they know and naive they really are of the dark side of socialism. I have lost 11 years of my life to a work injury they refuse to even acknowledge, and the medial here? Atrocious I feel like I am at the VA hospital in the Bronx of NYC which was one of the worst and most poorly run Military Hospitals ever. Oh god help us!

      • Klaraoktober 30, 2016 kl. 21:39

      Hey Jordan! I’m really sorry for the late reply, for some reason your comment got stuck in spam.
      Yeah it is definitely screwed up. I mean, healthcare in this country has been good, but these days it only works well for those who never really get sick, and those who only have common things. Like the flu. I have to educate doctors on what I have, and I’m definitely not getting paid to do that. It’s not safe! Doctors are administrators, they don’t cure stuff. My email is if you want to contact me privately.

  3. Hi Klara, thanks, and compliments for this your website. Greetings from Italy, and, of course, you are welcome here, just south of Venice. Take care.

      • Klaradecember 12, 2017 kl. 17:54

      Thank you Roberto!


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